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Media with a matt, gloss or satin finish for the production of posters for indoor or outdoor use.

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Floor Graphics

A range of one or two-part media for the production of floor graphics.

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Hanging Signage

Plastic, fibre-board and paper-based media for the production of hanging signage.

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Wall Décor

Self-adhesive vinyls, wallpapers, textiles, rigid boards and thin-gauge media for the production of wall décor.

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Priplak Backlit

Priplak Backlit is a lightweight yet strong and flexible sheet specifically designed for illuminated signs and backlit posters Priplak Backlit is...

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Frontlit and backlit film, rigid board, and thin-gauge media for the production of in-store POS.

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Xanita Print

Xanita Print is a rigid, high-strength, sustainable, closed-cell fibre board that is a quarter of the weight of MDF It consists of a recycled Kraft...

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Window Graphics

Media for the production of clear, opaque and backlit window graphics, with a variety of adhesive types.

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Printable media for the production of frontlit, backlit and mesh banners.

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Coala Textile Backlit City - 180g

Coala Textile Backlit City is 100% polyester with a very tight structure, making it ideal for flawless, high quality, backlit images when...

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