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Hanging Signage

Plastic, fibre-board and paper-based media for the production of hanging signage.

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Media with a matt, gloss or satin finish for the production of posters for indoor or outdoor use.

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Window Graphics

Media for the production of clear, opaque and backlit window graphics, with a variety of adhesive types.

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Floor Graphics

A range of one or two-part media for the production of floor graphics.

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Drytac SpotOn Floor 200

A range of Drytac Monomeric Vinyl suitable for short to medium term indoor and outdoor applications on flat...

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Wall Décor

Self-adhesive vinyls, wallpapers, textiles, rigid boards and thin-gauge media for the production of wall décor.

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Orajet 3954

Orajet 3954 Brickstone Film is a 55-micron cast film with high tack adhesive that conforms and adheres to uneven brick or concrete surfaces It’s...

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Directional Signage

A range of metal, plastic and fibre-board media for the production of directional signage.

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Yupo Jelly XAD1068

Yupo Jelly is a clear, printable, polyester/PET film with a unique micro-structure on the reverse side that sticks to flat surfaces without adhesive...

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